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Максимален размер15.6"
Брой портове USB2
Брой вентилатори1
Диаметър на вентилатора14 см
Скорост на вентилатора1100 об/мин
Въздушен поток 47.35 CFM

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- охлаждане за лаптоп с голям вентилатор и вградени 2.1 тонколони...

Гаранция: 24 месеца
Тегло: 1.50 кг

Shock ShapeThe design of M3 tends to be more calm and powerful on its overall shape, which looks like a corner of the folded mountain, and the V-shaped metal mesh design on the top is also the embodiment of the concept. Meanwhile, M3 is for the first time using black and white as its packing color, the overall design with novel and classic collocation is inclined to casual.  Classic CollocationM3 adopts HIPS high quality material with impact resistance, sturdy overall, with V-shaped metal mesh at the top. The mosaic fit not only reveals a perfect sound, but also makes M3 out of dull to overflow the spirituality. Meanwhile, classic black M3 carry standard 600mm black audio cable, M3 blue smooth sound, M3 orange storm, M3 green prairie and M3 purple dream carry standard 600mm white audio cable.   2.1 Multimedia Audio SystemsIt is the first computer cooler which built-in 2.1 bass multimedia sound system in the industry, the bass of the middle, the alto and high pitch of the both ends make the perfect sound. M3 is not only a notebook cooler for cooling, but brings more comfortable high-quality entertainment experience The Magnetic LoudspeakerIn order to avoid magnetic leakage damage to the notebook and human body, designers use the magnetic loudspeaker with better security and better stability, less magnetic leakage, small voice distortion Micro USB PortM3 support the power adapter optionally, the Micro USB port at side can be externally connect with the phone which hold standard Micro USB (applicable for all of mainstream smart phone currently). When the Micro USB and the standard 2.0 USB interface connected to the PC power supply, the system will automatically recognize one. About Damping ChamberIn order to reduce the impact of the sound resonance for notebook, designers makes the damping chamber around the main part of the M3 at both sides to minimize the treble acoustic resonance, so that no harm to the notebook computer and the users. Brushed Aluminum PlateA large area of black brushed aluminum plate with the metal elements enhances M3's texture of black classic. Green MaterialsA large area of high quality environmental protection silicone, not only gives good performance of anti-slip, but also makes the M3 colorful.   Features Super SoundM3 is the first notebook cooler with built-in 2.1 bass multimedia audio system in the industry, there are three speakers in the front, the bass in the middle, the alto and high pitch in the both ends, 3D surround, stereo sound quality, volume is free to adjust, audio can be identified by the system automatically without driving, and the transmission is also more convenient to retain the perfect acoustic sound. External Power SupplyM3’s Built in 2.1 multimedia audio systems has three magnetic loudspeakers for supporting its high quality sound. In order to better play the multimedia audio system, it is recommended that optionally use of the Micro USB interface adapter (standard Micro USB is on sale mainstream smart phone charger) supply power. Health UseFor most users’ habits, M3 put to use the design of 8 ° ergonomic supporting which takes care of the user's spine health, and providing a more comfortable angle for the user to enjoy the perfect entertainment experience. High Cooling PerformanceM3 using a leading 14CM big fan, 600±150 to 1100±10 % fan speed of strong wind to ensure its strong cooling performance. In the mean time, VAD vertical spoiler design and the design of the back of the large vents also ensure the M3 free of wind exchanged.   Performance V. A. D Vertical Spoiler DesignThe VAD vertical spoiler design is origin from DEEPCOOL which using the runway diversion groove. Comparing to traditional metal mesh, M3 VAD vertical spoiler design maximize the performance of heat exchange, of which the centralized wind directly to the laptop heat parts to ensure excellent heat dissipation. Adjustable Speed with Switch-modeIn order to bring more quality of user experience, M3 put to use switch type of speed regulation, fan speed control by you, and it better meets the different needs of different users and different environments on the air flow and sound, achieved the most close of static enjoyment, but also free to switch and low-carbon.  Safety Use (anti-slip and the proper placement)Whatever the M3 black classic of big brushed aluminum plate, or the M3 colorful version of large environmental protection silicone pad, can M3 guarantee the notebook secure as ever, moreover, the large anti-slip pad in the bottom ensure the notebook stable. In the same time, it guides user correctly placing notebook to prevent the notebook blocking speakers, which may affecting the volume and sound.   Spec Features
  • 2.1-channel speakers & 2.1 multimedia audio systems with excellent sound;
  • Build-in magnetic loudspeaker with two damping chamber in the main body to protect your notebook safety;
  • The standard USB port and USB-powered for the most comfort in use;
  • Integration of speaker and cooling design;
  • Standard 3.5MM audio port, Plug and Play without drive makes more convenient;
  • Fan speed is in the control of you which meet the multiple balance of quiet and air volume;
  • M3 with fashion appearance offering five choices of M3 black classic, M3 blue smooth sound, M3 orange storm, M3 green prairie, M3 purple dream.
Application ForCompatible with 15.6" notebooks and below. Technical SpecOverall Dimension360X327X54mmFan DimensionΦ140X15mmNet Weight1100gBearing TypeHydro BearingRated Voltage5VDCOperating Voltage4.5-5.5VDCStarted Voltage2.8VDCRated Current0.5~1.0APower Input2.5~5WFan Speed700±150-1100±10%RPMMax. Air Flow47.35CFMNoise21dB(A)Frequency Response180Hz~15KHzTweeter2inches(52mm)+ 2inches(52mm)Woofer2.25inches(57mm)Sensi tivity450±50mVAudio Adapter3.5mmAntimagnetic FunctionAvailable            Продукт известен още и като M 3
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