DeepCool MULTI CORE X8 17 (DP-N422-X8BK)

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Максимален размер17"
Брой портове USB2
Брой вентилатори4
Диаметър на вентилатора10 см
Скорост на вентилатора1300 об/мин
Въздушен поток 53.4 CFM

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  • 4 X 100mm fan
  • Aluminum extrusion panel
  • 2 Standard USB ports
  • 4 statuses of fan working
  • 2 viewing angles

DesignFreeze the Fire Four Fans & Four Directions
The whole panel is divided into four parts with four built-in fans down below. With Vertical Airflow Design, the airflow goes four directions. Aluminum: Cool Feeling
Aluminum is an efficient material for thermal dissipation. Four pieces of aluminum panels are anodized in black to provide a cool appearance.
Multi-Core Control Technology
Multi-Core Control Technology enables use of four fan statuses: four fans on/off, or two upper/downside fans on.
Vertical Airflow Design
Vertical Airflow Design allows the cold air to take away the heat quickly.
Two Viewing Angle
Foldable supporting feet help provide two viewing angles.
Easy to Open
The gap between the supporting feet and the cooler base allows you to unfold them easily. Features Superb Cooling Performance
The initiative design of four fans blowing into four different directions makes full use of the dissipation area, and also covers all heating points of your notebook. This cooler can cool your hottest spots no matter if it is a hard disk drive or VGA card area. Multi-Core Control Technology
According to the heating condition of the notebook, the creative Multi-Core Control Technology enables users to apply four different fan-working statuses: four fans on / two upper fans on / two downside fans on / four fans off. Two Viewing Angles
The ergonomic viewing angle of this cooler is fixed at 7 degrees for the most comfort when users read pages, watch videos and play games. And this angle is also designed for notebook stabilization and safety. Two USB Ports
With two built-in USB 2.0 ports, you can connect your personal USB devices through MULTI CORE X8 for charging your mobile phone or for data transfer. Environment Cool, Healthy and Quiet!
MULTI CORE X8 is made of high quality and environmentally-friendly aluminum and plastic materials. The aluminum panel provides a cool feeling and high dissipation efficiency. The built-in four cooling fans help achieve the best cooling performance; more than that, this cooler protects users from spinal problems with the most comfortable viewing angle available. The M. C. C. T. function enables users to balance the efficiency between cooling performance and quietness.

Built-in four fans provide massive airflow to cool the whole notebook base with no blind area.
The creative Multi-Core Control Technology enables users to apply 4 different fan-working statuses: 4 fans on / 2 upper fans on / 2 downside fans on / 4 fans off.
Ergonomic design with 2 viewing angles available for the most comfort in use.
Four aluminum panels with Vertical Airflow Design pushes air into four different directions for superb cooling performance.
2 USB ports allow users to connect their personal USB devices.


Application ForCompatible with 17" notebooks and below.

Technical Spec Overall Dimension   Fan Dimension   Net Weight   Bearing Type 381X268X29mm 100X100X15mm Продукт известен още и като MULTI CORE X 8 17 DP N 422 X 8 BK, MULTICOREX817DPN422X8BK, MULTI CORE X8 17 (DP N422 X8BK), MULTICOREX817DP-N422-X8BK, MULTI CORE X8 17 (DP-N422-X8 BK)
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