Deepcool N25

Deepcool N25

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Тип Активен
Максимален размер 17"
Захранване USB
Брой портове USB 2
Брой вентилатори 2
Диаметър на вентилатора 14 см
Скорост на вентилатора 1100 об/мин
Въздушен поток  115 CFM

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Cooling &; Storage, Two in One Cooling and Storage, We need both. When you see the red status of our notebook storage, you start to think when to buy an external hard disk. And when you feel the heat from the notebook keyboard somewhere, you start to think it’s time to low its temp somehow. Yes, both storage and cooling are needed! N25 is such a device to satisfy your demand.
  • Hot Swappable Storage Enclosure

  • Two Fans

  • 2 USB Ports

  • Fan Speed Adjustable

  • Fan &; Storage Disk LED

  • 5V DC Input (Adapter not included)


Built-in Disk Enclosure N25 is specially designed to fulfill your demand of data storage. With the built-in 2.5 disk enclosure, you’re able to add an additional 2.5 HDD or SSD to your computer. Now, you are able to keep your photo albums, music and movie collections when your computer storage is full. Dual Fans for Cooling N25 is equipped with two 140mm big fans to accelerate the ventilation under the notebook base and blow the heat away efficiently. With a fan speed control, you can adjust the fan speed as you wish. Micro USB Input Port N25 can be also powered by an external 5V AC/DC adapter (adapter not included) to get sufficient current for the HDD/SSD. This micro USB port is compatible with in-the-market mainstream smart phone charger cable, which is of great convenience.
Hot Swappable The built-in disk enclosure support hot-swap, which enables you to shift the disk insertion while keeping the computer operating. You can copy your files to different external storage without shutting your pc down.
Indicative LED Lights With two LED lights on the left side, N25 can tell you the operation condition of the cooling fans and the disk storage. When you copy files to the external storage, the disk LED would flash so as to tell that the copy is successfully done.
High Cooling Performance The front panel is built in 100% metal mesh, which allows sufficient airflow through. Two silent 140mm fans provide optional cool airflow to dissipate the heat away for your notebook.
Spec < u>

Built-in 2.5 HDD/SSD enclosure for your additional storage;
Dual 140mm fans for the best cooling performance;
Indicative LED lights to tell the operation status of cooling fan and HDD/SSD;
Micro USB input port for additional power;
Two USB ports for adding external USB devices.

Application For

Compatible with 17" notebooks and below.

Technical Spec

Overall Dimension  ; Fan Dimension  ; Net Weight  ; Bearing Type 382X303X51mm ;140X140X15mm  ;935g ;Hydro Bearing Rated Voltage  ; Operating Voltage  ; Started Voltage  ; Rated Current 5VDC ;4.5;5VDC ;4VDC  ;0.19±10%~0.32±10%A Power Input  ; Fan Speed  ; Max. Air Flow  ; Noise 0. 95~1.6W ;700±150~1100±10%RPM ;115CFM  ;21.5~26.5dB(A)
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